Middle Tennessee Psychiatric Clinic

Cynthia Jackson, LCSW

Cynthia Jackson, LCSW, is a board licensed clinical social worker providing psychotherapy to clients at MTPC since 2008. She completed her Master's dregree in clinical social work at the University of Tennessee in 1984. She has completed a postgraduate training program in family therapy at Georgetown Family Center in Washington, D.C. Prior to becoming a private practice clinician in 2007, Ms. Jackson worked in a variety of practice areas, including domestic violence, community mental health, developmental disabilities, and inpatient psychiatric services. Her ares of practice include individual therapy with adults and adolescents, and family and couples therapy.

Ms. Jackson works with individuals desiring help with a broad range of issues and life transitions. This work often includes helping people learn skills to manage stress, cope with anxiety, depression, anger, and interpersonal problems. She supports couples and families in gaining the skills and confidence needed to resolve conflict, improve communication, and make positice changes in their relationships.
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